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Adopt the Pace of Nature. Her Secret is Patience.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

"We Create Magic in Your Memories"
Spectacular Nature with Scenic Beauty
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Welcome to Riverine Springs

Holiday Resort in Poomala

Secluded by indigenous trees and enclosed by verdant tropical garden, Riverine Springs - Holiday Resort in Poomala -  as the name suggests is an ideal get away into the nature, for a water meets land experience.
Nuzzled up in Kerala’s most serene locale, Riverine Springs is situated 15 km from Trissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. Enthralled by the shimmering water as it flows along the cottage, the boutique cottage stands majestically overlooking the Pathazhakundu Dam.

Walk through our Facilities & Amenities

Our Tariff

Irish Villa
Off Season Rates

» Suit one (Downstairs)

4000 for Two people,  Extra persons 1000 extra

» Suit two

3500 for Two people, Extra person  1000 extra

Pool Villa
8000 for  couple,  Extra persons 1500 extra

 -Albert Einstein


Holiday Resort in Poomala

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Take in the beauty of an early morning
We live on a wonderful planet, but with our daily busy life, we forget to appreciate its beauty. A nature walk is the best way to have an interactive experience with our surrounding environment.