Poomala the best place for Holidays

Poomala the best place for Holidays in all season


Situated arround 12kms from Thrissur town, Poomala the best place for Holidays, is fairly coverd up with forest and is a scenic spot to unwind for city-dwellers. It is said that the name "Poomala" comes from the Poovam tree (also called Ceylon oak or Gum-lac tree), which was plentiful here in the past.

Main Attractions

Poomala the best place for Holidays

The main tourist attractions in and around Poomala are Poomala Dam, Muniyara, Cheppara caves, Pathazhakund dam and Pamboorampara rock.

Poomala Dam is an irrigation purpose dam and is one of the tourist spots in Thrissur district. Poomala dam is constructed with mud and stone and is managed by Kerala Minor Irrigation Department. To its north lies another dam - Pathazhakundu, which presently is oriented only for irrigation purpose.

Tourism Activities

Tourism activities at Poomala include boating in the reservoir, horse ride, a walkway through the banks of the reservoir spanning 600 meters etc. Poomala also has a community hall on the banks of the reservoir which can accommodate 300 persons.

Poomala dam offers boat ride and horse ride around the dam, a perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. There is no entry fee to Poomala dam, you pay only if you rent the paddle boat. Poomala dam is a small tourist spot with fewer visitors which makes it a perfect spot for your one-day outing with your friends and family.


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