Really great view with a path like hidden behind which is way awesome with a small waterfall which is very great and the ambience is really nurturing. The dam is also great tourist attraction with boating facilities but right during this pandemic boating has been shut down.

This place is really nice to hangout with friends and great place for family picnic have small refreshment stall where you can have refreshment drinks and snacks along with your friends and family.Poomala dam is a small reservoir dam located 4 kms from Poomala town centre. It can be accessed via road by taking a right after Athani junction while on route to Vadakkanchery. This dam has a beautiful reservoir and we mostly see couples here coming out to spend time together. For families there is boating on other side of the reservoir at the park.

Now in more detail about the dam the dam is not that too big or broad or large its a small dam compared to the other Dams in kerala but this place has a nice ambience especially behind the dam if you visit this dam you must get down behind the dam there is a path a step towards the backside and there is a great waterfall don’t expect a large one its small but really beautiful its like step by step waterfall and you can climb it and there is lake which is very awesome.

One of the few dams in this district that supplies lifelune to the people and to whatever is left of agriculture. Scenic beauty is what takes ur breath away.This small dam was constructed for irrigation purposes and the area is now becoming popular as a tourist spot. We saw several families and groups coming to spend the weekend. The water in the reservoir was still and dosen’t seem to be too deep.