Dam and its surroundings are well maintained and cleaned up by the respective authorities. Poomala Dam is the other attraction near to Pathazhakundu. Distance between both Poomala Dam and Pathazhakundu Dam is just 2-3 KMs.

A nice pleasant place to come and enjoy the view away from the crazy busy town.It’s a refreshing locale, but very compact and you have limited space to walk or sit Also do note that the road is narrow and you hardly have space for 2 cars to pass each other.Water levels are much low these days, however there seems to be a big collection capacity.The other side is equally enjoyable with greenery and the path for the water Probably they have good view points towards the larger part of the lake.

I am confused whether pathazhakundu dam could be called a dam. It is only a lake. We found no river related to this Dam. Actually it is a bund costructed for the purpose using the water flowing in to the lake during rainy season for agricultural purpose. More over the Dam is located in a residential area. Nothing much to be told.