Kudakkallu Parambu is a prehistoric Megalith burial site situated in Chermanangad of Thrissur District of Kerala. This place is noted for its 4000 year old umbrella-shaped stones, which are discovered to be the memoir-stones placed above the tombs of aristocrats.

Just when you thought Kerala couldn’t throw any more surprises your way, one shows up from the world of the dead. Hold the dramatic gasp right there; this is not about the supernatural. In fact, this is not even a surprise.

The site have 69 megalithic monuments spread over a small area. Different types of burials are in this area includes Topikkal, Kudakkal, multiple hood stones and stone circles. Archaeological Survey of India says that these monuments are built around 2000 Before Christ. Archaeological Survey of India has declared it as a centrally protected monument.Well maintained lush green grass are well maintained so are the mud pathways to each tomb is there.The Archaeological Survey of India says that these monuments were built around 2000 BCE. The Archaeological Survey of India has declared it as a centrally protected monument.

What is the Kudakkallu Parambu?
Literally, the term means ‘ umbrella stones’. Kudakkallu Parambu is said to be more than 4000 years old. There is a good reason to believe that these monuments were once burial sites. You see, earlier, people used to bury their dead instead of burning as we see in present times. Most of the burial takes place with certain traditions and customs. Kudakkallu is one such that was prevalent in ancient Kerala.