Marottichal is one of the less known hills in Thrissur district of Kerala. Though not recognized by the Kerala tourism department, the place is a host to several trekkers. Direct bus services are there from Thrissur bus stand. A one hour trekking can take you to the top of hill. On the way you have several streams of water. At the top end you have a tall waterfall, at about 2 km walking distance from Marottichal bus stop. The waterfall has several branches at top. Walking through the cool shade of forest will give a great pleasure.The hill is also a grazing area of wild elephantsThe village is famous for chess-playing population. A movie, August Club has been made on the villagers’ obsession for chess.

Olakkayam Waterfalls is about 300-400 meters from the main road. Ilanjippara Waterfall is about four kilometers away from Illankippara Waterfalls. Ilanjippara Waterfall, being the main waterfall is situated inside Reserve Forest and the entry to this waterfall is currently restricted by Kerala Forest Department.

Trekking through rocks and jungle tracks, which are protected by electric fencing, one reaches the lower part of the waterfall — a stunning sight. Most parts of the waterfall stream are not deep, making it an ideal holiday spot for families with children.

“There was also another waterfall about 3km away. One has to walk through the forest. It was closed down by the forest department two years ago. It is similar to the Athirappilly waterfall,”Another attraction of the place is a natural ‘fish spa’ in the clear water. There are ‘natural swings’ made of wild creepers, too. Local tea shops serve quick eats. For some spicy treats, especially fish varieties, head straight to the toddy shop.