The Peechi Wildlife Sanctuary in Thrissur district is a good spot for nature lovers and headquartered in Peechi, Thrissur District. The highest peak in the sanctuary is the 923 m high Ponmudi. Boating is also an added attraction for tourists at this spot. This Wildlife Sanctuary formed at 1958 and area is

The dam is the main irrigation project of this town of Kerala. It is a very famous attraction, and visitors come here now and then for the fantastic picnic spot it serves as and for the boating facilities which are offered at this reservoir. One can also come across Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary here which is a must-visit place for the nature-lovers. The dam is constructed across the Manali River.

There are numerous streams, flowing over the entire PA, which join the three main rivers Kurumali, Manali, and Wadakkanchery. There are three vayals in the sanctuary viz, Paingottupadam, Pathrakkandam and Pothiyadukky. There are two reservoirs, Peechi and Vazhani formed by construction of two dams across the Manalippuzha and Vadakkancheripuzha. The total area of the two reservoirs is 14.793 sq. km
There are 39 species of mammals, 176 sp. of birds, 30 species of reptiles,17 species of amphibians and 40 species of fishes are reported from the sanctuary. The common found are Tiger, Leopard, sloth bear, Elephant, sambar, barking deer, bonnet macaque, Nilgiri langur etc..

You can stroll through the sprawling park with your family imbibing the beauty of nature in mornings, noting in particular birds you have never seen anywhere else. Or if you want to get to the place any closer, find those boats waiting for you at the lake, jump in, sit back, and catch nature in her various moods. As the boat zips along, you will be served with some eye-candy views of the lush green foliage on the lake’s margins. If you’re lucky you may catch a herd of elephants bathing in the water.