Chettuva Backwater is located in between Engandiyur Panchayat and Kadappuram Panchayat of Thrissur District in Kerala. The backwaters start at Enamakkal Lake and empties to Arabian Sea. The destination is blessed with mangroves, Chinese fishing nets, islands, migratory birds, estuary and a fort. In 2010, Government of Kerala has declared Chettuva as heritage village.

Starting from the Enamakkal Lake, the backwater runs through until ending in an estuary at the point where it meets the Arabian sea. One of the most important characters in this spot being known the world over are the mangroves here. Apart from that, there are several islands, a fort, and numerous sightings of migratory birds that make this place one of the best spots in Thrissur tourist places.

In the land of backwaters Kerala, there are better places to visit for a backwater experience and Alleppey is the most popular of all of them. With its serene beauty and exotic tropical charm, it still has much to offer.The major attractions include William Fort, Chettuva Bungalow, Raja Islands & Chettuva Harbour. Houseboat cruise is also available in the backwater and is a favourite choice of tourists to Chettuva. The backwater is dotted with small islands. Guruvayoor is the nearest railway station, around 8kms away.

The place with its mangrove vegetation and tropical ambience offers the exact gateway amidst the serenity of nature. It is a near perfect destination for nature lovers and photographers eager to catch a glimpse of nature. The small houseboats and shikaras here are the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate from a tiring schedule. The backwaters consist of a leisure cruise around the Chettuva lake, Kanoli kanal, Ennamavu kayal, Kadassankadavu and Tripayar. Apart from house boats and shikaras, motor boats are also available to take you on quick tour of the backwaters. Usually people look for sunset or sunrise cruise as it offers a glistening view of the landscape amidst the scattered rays.